About Cyrus

Over the last 17 years Cyrus Rogers has been producing television across Summit TV, The Home Channel, Supersport Blitz and Kwesé Sports. Scripting, directing, recording voice overs and presenting a wide range of programming have been a few of his core skills. Working on products from business shows to property programmes and sports stories. One of the stand-out productions he worked on was African Thought leaders in Business screened on Summit TV, in which he interviewed such political luminaries as former statesmen F.W De Klerk and Sir Ketumile Masire the former president of Botswana about their views on great leadership in business and in politics.

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism (BJourn) from Rhodes University as his foundation he’s always been interested in the art and craft of presentation. Following his original beginnings in radio where he worked at Rhodes Music Radio to doing the Business Minute for Jacaranda FM, he’s always had a love for the spoken and written message and his move into presentation was a natural career enhancement. Cyrus has won awards for his work in property journalism, a Young Lions award from the Property Association, as well as for documentary work, an Ibd’aa Award for student documentary work.

Cyrus Rogers, best known in South Africa as the man with the ‘velvet voice’, has been celebrated for years as an impressive Master of Ceremonies, programme director, TV presenter and voice-over artist. But his remarkable knowledge on sporting codes and the leadership qualities of the world’s greatest sporting heroes has been somewhat underutilised. Audiences on the international conference circuit can now access the inspiration that lies within unique perspective by listening to ‘Leading in the Winner’s Circle’, his entertaining keynote address on leadership, success and greatness.

Individuals and companies alike will benefit from his wisdom, gained from his first-hand meetings with some of the world’s champions and major success stories. Everyone relates to his highly accessible presentation, which works through the concepts of teamwork, inspiration, heroism and human frailty, guts and glory, lessons from failure and the supportive people behind the scenes.

His years of experience in front of audiences from all walks of life sees Cyrus add significant value to a business to business or business to consumer conference  or event, both as a conference Master of Ceremonies and as a keynote speaker.

Having covered functions as diverse as annual conferences, gala dinners, company awards evenings, product launches, business breakfasts, team-building sessions and training events, Cyrus is ‘at home’ in any environment. His engaging, laid-back personality and great sense of humour complement his vast experience in radio and television – communication is second nature to him. 

Ever meticulous, he leaves nothing to chance, believing that a seamlessly managed event enhances audience enjoyment. Humble, yet projecting an aura of supreme capability, he entertains people with his unique brand of storytelling, influenced by his broadcasting background and experience. He is an asset at any function and loves being able to inspire others with his material on his favourite sportspeople.

His skills and experience as a television producer translate seamlessly into the role of MC or facilitator as well, which he sees as going beyond coordinating the presentation of an event into the art of a fully managed and controlled process. Cyrus sees the role of an MC as the successful management of any event with relation to the control of time. What happens in the present is a consequence of what was planned and strategized in the past. Cyrus is able to manage the overall running of an event from a time keeping perspective to the enjoyment of the function by all concerned with charm and professionalism.  He engages with the client to find out what their needs are and together with them crafts the best experience possible for all involved.