Winners find a way to win. Who better to learn how to be successful from than those who’ve reached the top and stayed there? Using sport as a prism this book is for people who are eager to make changes in their personal and professional lives in order to beat the opposition and take home the gold. Competitive Edge is a book about competition, struggle, hard work but ultimately success and the routes one can take to get to their own promised land. This book is jam-packed with lessons, observations and tips taken from the very best sports people from around the globe on how they found ways to win in their various disciplines and how you can be successful too. There is a lot that can be learnt from those who’ve triumphed in the ultracompetitive realm of professional sports and those lessons are distilled into a resource for individuals and business people who are looking to get to the next level, after all business is by its very nature competitive and the world is a tough place right now.